• Welcome to www.zipdoclock.com. The www.zipdoclock.com website (the "Site") is comprised of various web pages Patients are the essence of every dental practice. Finding ways to make sure that new patients choose your office and existing patients stay within your office is one of the essential aspects of the dental industry. Zipdoclock is created to make the clients and dentists' lives easier by having powerful software, a leading Practice Management System that provides online patient scheduling platform from which both patients and dentists can benefit. Zipdoclock makes sure that patients can schedule even when their trusted dental office is not open.

    Zipdoclock was created with a simple vision: make online scheduling appointments easy for both patients and providers. We make sure that our system accurately books patient appointments directly into the dental management system in real time. Our system is the only online dental scheduling platform that directly integrates appointments to all dental management system. This means that all schedules are precisely displayed by appointment type and chair.
  • The feeling of working with Zipdocklock is like having someone in your dental office 24/7. So, say goodbye to missed appointments because the office was closed or too busy. Zipdocklock will make sure patients are professionally accommodated just the way they want to. They can freely choose a doctor to serve their dental needs with time options along with it. We will make sure that all dental scheduling processes are completely painless both for patients and dentists
  • Zipdoclock is a software company dedicated to building innovative and industry-leading solutions both for dental practices and patients. Once an appointment is booked online by a patient, it’s immediately written into your information sheet, ensuring that appointments are never double-booked or mistaken for someone else’s. The success of our company has led us to form revolutionary partnerships with several Dental companies. To learn how you can take advantage of the Zipdoclock platform, explore our website now.